The Curtis Plan:

  • We must immediately restore public faith in science both politically and educationally. Science is the truth, and while as humans we bring our own biases and weaknesses into its study, science is not a game that is to be manipulated politically.
  • We must commit to reversing President Trump’s attacks on science and ecology, and restore proper management of the EPA to experts in the field.
  • We must gear our educational system to prepare our children for a future far different than our own. We must plan for and be ready for the technological advances that will reshape our society.
  • We must commit to technologies such as electric vehicles, solar roofing, and clean energy, as that commitment will protect our environment and lead to growth in our economy.
    We must commit to infrastructure improvements and prepare for automated shipping and travel. We must embrace self-driving vehicles as a means to dramatically reduce the number of traffic deaths per year. We must rebuild our aging roads, bridges, and public transportation systems.
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I am a scientist. I have a degree in Biology from Indiana University. As a dentist, and then an orthodontist, I was forced in my training to adhere to the scientific method. I was taught how to evaluate information and form conclusions. I was taught how to be skeptical of people’s work in science, but not in science itself.

Our progress has always been tied to science and technology. America is built on it, and it is as important as ever. Technology permeates nearly every aspect of our life. We must be world leaders in advancing and promoting sound judgment based on scientific evidence. Our interpretation of science is not always right, but the pursuit of it is imperative. Science and technology will lead to better health, better jobs, and a better life.

It is imperative that we look at issues such as climate change objectively and not as a political issue. The clock is ticking and we need to be leading the way. Combating climate change and protecting our environment through renewable energy sources and management of resources also creates sustainable jobs and is a worthy investment for all of us.

As a computer scientist, I understand our technology capabilities and needs, and am in a unique position to guide Congress on issues specific to the tech industry. We should be promoting STEM (Science Technology Education Math) in education in order to prepare our children for the future.