The Curtis Plan:

  • We must confirm our commitment to human rights with a Universal Equality bill, which would exclude discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • We must commit to fair immigration policies that are non-discriminatory.
  • We must commit to equal wages for women, and equal protection from workplace bias.
  • We must commit to giving women the right to develop their own health care policies and make their own health care decisions.
    We must protect the LGBTQ community and work much harder to erase the existing definition of gender. Gender is a spectrum and people all across that spectrum must be treated equally and with respect. I will fight very hard to protect all people, and prevent hate and discrimination based on any prejudice.


I strongly believe that every human being deserves to be treated equally, justly, and fairly in life. As a civilization, it is our duty to protect each other, not only from a moral and ethical standpoint, but from an investment standpoint. We need every person to contribute to society. That is the freedom that America cherishes.

I will fight for LGBTQ rights and equality. I will fight for the members of that community with passion. I will not accept discrimination at any level. These are my friends and my family, and they absolutely have a right to live freely and without discrimination.

I will fight for women’s rights. It is tragic that our history has been one of lower wages, lack of respect, and a trampling of rights for the backbone of our society. My wife is my equal. She deserves better, and so do all women.

I will fight for minorities and those discriminated against due to color, religion, ethnicity, or background. Life is short, life is valuable, and no group in society should ever dominate another. We are all people trying to survive, trying to raise a family, and trying to live and love in our country. America is freedom; it’s time we let all people truly be free.